How a White Card Replaces a Blue Card For Induction Training Into the Construction Industry

While a Blue Card has previously been recognized as completion of training with regards to Induction training for the construction industry, this card has now been replaced by a new White one. However, the older cards are still acceptable as proof of required training. Therefore, at this point and time only new trainees will receive the new White cards.As for the older cards, while still honored, these have now been replaced by the White cards in order to comply with new National guidelines. So, although the older cards still act as proof of Induction training, workers who complete such training will now receive a Construction White Card in place of the old one. In addition, there is no additional training required for existing card holders in order to obtain these new cards.For, while a number of companies offer general Induction training coursework, this coursework has only been available through in-house programs to school officials within the Queensland educational system since 2007. So, while there has yet to be a new educational program developed to align with the requirements of the new White Card, no such system exist to date. However, there are hopes of a one day training session with no refresher training requirements which will allow employees the benefit of training with only one day away from the job.Also, while such cards are not required for maintenance jobs such as replacing a drainpipe which has been lost, a card is required if replacing such a pipe due to a break in the line, system or drain. So, it can be a rather fine line at times with regards as to who needs one and who does not. Basically, if building or rebuilding an item, then such a card is required. Whereas, if doing basic maintenance and repair, generally such a card is not necessary.As such, one may want to determine which type of jobs one is most interested in completing once licensed. For, if only providing light maintenance and minor repairs, one may not be required to obtain such a card. However, if working to rebuild damaged materials, build new construction or other work which requires a great deal more knowledge and skill related to National guidelines and laws pertaining to same, then most likely a White card will be required to complete such work. Therefore, in order to avoid training which may be unnecessary, one may want to look at the jobs one may be doing both now and in the future to determine if Induction training is the right way to go.Still, in order to have the best possibility at finding as many construction related jobs as possible, one may want to look into training and obtaining a White Card. For, only those who have completed training and are licensed to work in construction in Queensland may do so. So, regardless as to whether one works on small maintenance jobs or larger projects, one can find a great many more opportunities by doing so.So, whether one holds either of these construction cards, one is licensed to work in Queensland. In addition, for individuals already holding an older card, no additional training is necessary or required to obtain a new White one. This is because while there are a few changes with regards to work related issues, most individuals have been notified on the job as well as through educational systems with regards to such changes. Therefore, such a card is only needed as proof of Induction training which remains a requirement to work in Queensland.To this end, whether Blue or White Card, one who holds such a card can now legally work within the Queensland construction industry until a time such card expires. However, one may still want to go through the new training sessions in order to better understand the new National laws which relate to such work. However, such training is not a requirement. Therefore, whether one has an existing card or a new White one, one is licensed with regards to performing a variety construction and maintenance work.

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